Dental Emergencies

Dentists in Sydney who do dental emergency work

  1. Dr. Shalini Sunkara

02 8021 5285

Dr. Shalini Sunkara is a gentle dentist and caring practitioner who builds honest and sincere relationships with each of her patients. She regularly engages in continuing dental education in an effort to boost her personal and professional growth.

  1. Dr. Michael Cai

02 9223 4767

Dr. Michael Cai along with his friendly reception staff assist clients to make an immediate appointment during emergencies. Customers can also take advantage of their free examination offer to ensure them that it is not a symptom of a more severe problem.

  1. Dr. Brian Joffe

Dr. Joffe is focused on building trust with his patients. His treatment options range from simple treatment plans to full mouth rehabilitations. He provides same-day emergency appointments to those who are in need.

  1. Dr. Gen Russo

02 9602 3339

Dr. Russo has served the community of Western Sydney for almost 40 years. He has expanded his services along with his fellow emergency dentists with their clinic opening seven days a week with extended hours. Furthermore, they have also opened up their capacity to offer same day appointments and emergency dental treatments where required.

  1. Dr. Mark Sinclair

1300 860 340

Dr. Mark Sinclair has been involved as a principal dentist since 1982. He has overseen the expansion of his Bathurst practice to include other dentists and visiting specialists which provide a truly multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

  1. Dr. Stuart Evans

02 9922 1476

Dr. Stuart is a member of the Clinical Advisory Panel for Dental Corporation and also in a mentoring role for new graduates. He has taken a special interest in providing total oral health of both hard and soft tissues with emphasis on providing painless, conservative and high quality treatment with positive aesthetic outcomes to their customers.

  1. Dr. Manish Shah

02 9002 7416

Dr. Manish Shah has dedicated himself to providing holistic dental care for all his patients taking the role as a medical doctor and dentist. He is a gentle and passionate dentist who provides 7-day / 24-hour emergency dental services to clients.

  1. Dr. Luke Cronin

02 9922 1159

Dr. Cronin has been an early adopter of cutting edge cosmetic dental techniques and technology. This in turn allows him to create, design and deliver first class outcomes coupled with a more efficient, predictable and comfortable patient experience.

  1. Dr. Terry Yuen

1300 829 569

Dr. Terry Yuen is Bondi Dental’s Oral Surgeon and Implant Specialist. He has successfully completed over 2000 implant cases in the past 20 years but this did not stop him in travelling around the world to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and education.

  1. Dr. Paul Nichols

02 9221 1530

Dr Paul Nichols has been operating from Macquarie Street practices since 1979 who has also worked as Surgeon Commander in the Naval Reserve (RANR). His gentle approach to dentistry, and beliefs that a visit to the dentist should be as comfortable as possible is what made him close to his clients.

It is good to hear that emergency dental services are available offering a huge convenience to their clients. It should also be noted that there are other types of emergency services found today. You may encounter problems with the authorities and having emergency lawyers in Adelaide will help give you great amount of relief. Get in touch with our services as we help you find emergency dentists in your area today!