Dentists in Sydney who do veneers & other types of cosmetic dentistry:

  1. Dr. Angelo Lazaris

+61 2 8999 5108

Dr Angelo Lazaris has established his reputation as one of Sydney’s most respected general and cosmetic dentists through an authentic dedication to his profession, his patients and his art. He shares his passion for his work by teaching and lecturing extensively on aesthetic and contemporary restorative dentistry nationally and abroad.

  1. Dr. Mark Nieh

02 80901108

After gaining experience and having received mentoring in several different dental practices, Dr. Mark Nieh decided to begin a surgery of my own and has expanded his service ever since. Dr. Mark is obsessed about dentistry and its never-ending evolution, and endeavour to make dental experience a pleasant and mutually rewarding experience for their clients.

  1. Dr. Andrew Sih

1300 829 569

Dr. Andrew Sih has dedicated his time to establishing his dental practice, offering high quality dental services not only to patients in the local Bondi community but as well as patients from all over Sydney.

  1. Dr. Andy Kumar

02 9223 4767

Dr. Andy has a special interest in creating natural, beautiful and captivating smiles with aesthetic minimally invasive veneers, restorations, crowns. His patience, attention to detail and his gentle and caring nature makes him close to his clients.

  1. Dr. Duncan R Copp

02 9331-2555

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Duncan Copp has been offering his services as a cosmetic and general dentist. Dr. Duncan offers the highest level of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry not only for adults but to guests of all ages.

  1. Dr. Luke Cronin

02 9922 1159

Dr Luke Cronin has a specific interest and expertise in cosmetic dental treatments and has been recognised for his outstanding dental photography. Dr Cronin works closely with his patients with open and relaxed communication style making them feel close to home.

  1. Dr. Karim George Habib

(02) 8068 2109

Dr Karim is the principal Dentist at Dental Square. He has a specials interest in Dental Implant treatment and Orthodontics with his main passion being cosmetic dentistry. This in turn makes him quite experienced in dental Implant treatment.

  1. Dr. Manish Sha

02 9024 9418

Dr. Manish Sha has over 15 years of experience in comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He has gained his client’s trust by being a gentle and passionate dentist who believes in only offering the level of dental care that he would offer to his family or friends.

  1. Dr. Michael Tam

1300 935 045

Dr. Michael Tam is a passionate dentist with a natural talent for cosmetic and implant dentistry. His dedication in constantly acquiring new skills resulted in making him as one of the most prominent and well-respected dentists in Australia.

  1. Dr. John Wells

02 4731-1599

Dr Wells is the principal dentist of Simply Beautiful Smiles. Cosmetic and conservative dentistry is what his focused interest are most notably implant dentistry, complex smile makeovers, neuromuscular dentistry and laser dentistry.

Great smiles can go a long way in promoting your personal brand. Make sure that you are always ready to give your best smile to your clients. Veneers are able to do just that providing teeth with the radiance and spark it deserves. Get in touch with our services to learn more about how teeth veneers work.