corona virus in australia

Will Dental Training Be Affected By The Coronavirus?

A mysterious outbreak of the coronavirus has almost left all activities paralyzed in china after killing more than 800 people and infecting more than 30,000.

Among its primary symptoms, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome commonly begins with signs and symptoms similar to those of influenza: fever, chills, muscle aches, and sometimes diarrhea.

The Spring Festival holiday of 2020 is not only a happy time for the family reunion of the people throughout the country but also a crucial period for everyone to fight against the new coronavirus.

Chinese Students in Australia

Treading a successful professional path in dentistry involves resilience to the adversities of everyday life. However, this may not be the case for Chinese students studying in Australia after most of them were left stranded in the airports unable to travel to their various institutions.

In the face of a menacing epidemic, various domestic and foreign-related policies have been promulgated successively. Overseas universities have also implemented various corresponding measures against the plague.

Reports have it that Australia has imposed a travel ban on China due to the new Coronavirus outbreak leaving many Chinese students unable to reach Australia.

Australian Universities

Chinese students make up almost a third of all students in Australia. If they are unable to travel to Australia to start or continue their studies, the estimated losses to universities may be as high as (the US $ 5.3 billion).

With the corona epidemic, most Chinese students are barred from entering Australia due to the fear of spreading this dreadful disease. The number of Chinese students in Australia will decrease drastically, which will, in turn, affect Australian universities financially.

Countermeasures by Universities

At present, Australian universities’ response plans for students from mainland China are mainly divided into two categories: one is to postpone the start of school. The University of Mexico Foundation Studies and the University of Sydney Foundation Studies have adjusted the start time to March. The first is to accept student evening reports for 1-3 weeks while opening online courses.

A Digital Readiness project is being developed to make as much of the course materials as possible online for the first two weeks of the first semester for students to review online. Also, the schools are developing a Digital Delivery project that will list all courses that are fully available online.

Advice to the Chinese Students

Don’t panic if you have already got the offer, pay attention to the immigration policies of embassies and airlines.

For those students who have not yet begun to apply for studying abroad, make good use of this “sealed” home time to prepare for various types of exams and improve their hard power for future applications.

In this particular period, everyone must be well protected, go out less, ventilate more, wear a mask, and wash hands frequently.

For international students, no matter how many rumors and colored glasses, they are not as important as the health of themselves and their families.

Summing Up

Every profession has challenges. Turning them into opportunities is a quality of creative professionals attuned to the market in which they operate. Get to know the dentist who trained in Australia then stayed in Australia.