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Can All-On-4 Treatment Be Carried Out Since Easing of Dental Restrictions?

The easing of dental restrictions from levels 3 to 2 allows dentists to provide dental care as before. Still, you need to select a treatment option that is safe and requires less dental contact. At the moment, all-on-4 treatment fits the bill.

Here is what you need to know about all-on-4 treatment;

Reasons for the All-on-4 Treatment

Even though dentists are back to work, they still have to limit interactions and how often you visit a dentist. If you are looking for the best dental treatment at the moment, then all-on-4 is the ideal. Unlike the other implants that come for a particular tooth, this method needs 4 for a whole set. The safe application of all on 4 dental implants takes a shorter time to prepare for surgery and recovery.

Compared to the other dental surgeries that require mock-ups, and extensive pre-operative work, all-on-4 is quite simple. You can undergo the whole process within a day.

The other benefit that comes with this dental treatment method is the high rate of success. You don’t have to return to the dentist all the time routine checks up and other repairs.

Reasons Against All-on-4 Treatment

Even though all-on-4 treatment comes with several benefits, it also has its fair share of concerns to look into. One of the most common fears is the post-surgery issues like persistent bleeding, nausea, swelling, and pain. The prevalence of these issues depends on how accurate you follow the dentist’s directions.

While less prevalent, there are also cases of failed implants. You need to revisit the dentist for replacement in case of a failure. Otherwise, for now, the best way to avoid implant failure is by proper care for the gums.

Like any surgery, the all-on-4 treatment also comes with possible surgical complications. Even though most dentists tend to offer the safest procedures, at times, the complications still happen. Ensure you have a way to communicate to the dentist in case of any difficulties.

When to Go for the All-on-4 Treatment

Deciding whether to go for the all-on-4 treatment does not stop at knowing the benefits and disadvantages. There are several factors to consider before going for the medication in this period. The main element to consider is the number of teeth that require extraction. Even if the process comes with fewer implants, you still need more time to heal if several teeth are involved. You might also need extensive dental consultation, which requires more dentist interaction.

The level of the implant surgery required also determines if all-on-4 treatment is a viable treatment option. Level 1 surgery for patients with enough jaw bone is the most ideal in this period. The level is less costly and heals fast. The good news is that around 80% of patients fall into this category. You are also better off if you don’t require a CT scan.

Lastly, given that you don’t want several dentists follow up visits, only go for the all-4-treatment if you are opting for the same day teeth restoration.

Bottom Line

While it might not be the most ideal time to consider dental treatments, all-on-4 is the most suitable if you can’t avoid it. It’s a fast process with a high success rate.