Electrical Devices in a Typical Modern Dentist’s Clinic

Since the discovery of electromagnetic induction by Michael Faraday in 1830 the world has seen the development of countless electrical devices. Indeed, our modern lives are chock full of such devices and in 2020 there is no let up in sight. Electrical devices in a typical modern dentist’s clinic mirror this situation, with screens designed for clients to observe their oral cavities in place and many other similarly useful tools. The high-powered electric drill is the mainstay of most dentists, as it is used to remove decay attached to teeth prior to filling a cavity. This screaming, electrically-run, tool is the most synonymous sound associated with a visit to the dentist. Dental instruments provide dental clinics with the tools necessary to fix your teeth.

Dental Devices & Powered Tools

Next, in a list of important electrical devices in a typical modern dentist’s clinic is the suction device. This is the tool thrust into your oral cavity at regular intervals by your dental hygiene nurse. Usually, this occurs just as your dentist has asked you a pointed question and your reply is lost in a gurgling, sucking symphony inside your mouth. Of course, without the suction device we would most probably choke on our own saliva and sometimes blood.  One is at one’s most vulnerable state during a visit to the dentist, with our yawning maw full of gloved fists and prodding dental tools. Issues such as dental anxiety can arise in many of us. I personally think that Edvard Munch’s The Scream is a pre or post dental moment.

Invaluable Dental Instruments

Dental clinics are relying on certified Sydney electricians to maintain all these invaluable devices in working order for the benefit of their clientele. Let us not forget the X-ray machine, that wonderful device, which is set up to take pictures of your teeth inside your mouth. Who can forget the experience, where your dentist and assistant run out of the room before switching on the X-ray machine to avoid harmful rays? Meanwhile, the patient is strapped in place on the treatment couch.

The modern dental clinic reminds one of a cross between a five-star hotel suite and a nail bar. There is the sensual shape of the treatment couch at the centre of the scene. This is surrounded by viewing screen, basin, and various electrical machines and devices. White clad dental technicians and hygienists hover with instruments and sanitising products in hand. Gleaming white teeth are on display via colour posters and TV screens adorning the walls. The dangers of not flossing is flashed via prominent signage. A day at the dentist in 2020 is a very modern affair.